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15 Questions Every Man Should Background Search a Woman When They’re First Datingfirst date background search

The first few months of dating a new person are exciting and fresh. Getting to know them and revealing who you are at the same time is what will help the relationship evolve and get to that next level. During those first few months of dating, you’re most likely spending a lot of time with that one special person, having conversations about family, work, their past, their goals and everything else you’d like to know about them.

While many men want to know as much as they can about a women on a first date, it might be wise to spread out all the questions so that it doesn’t seem like an interrogation. Keeping a few questions for later dates allows you to get to know each other on a more intimate level and will give you an excuse to see them again! Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about so that the dates never get boring. Here are a few questions men should ask women when they’re first dating:

  1. What was your childhood like?

Everyone has a different upbringing and learning about their childhood can provide lots of insight on the person they are now. Plus, it’s fun to tell stories from your childhood, both good and bad. In fact, this question alone can be the topic of conversation on one whole date!

  1. What’s your family like?

If things progress, you’ll naturally meet their family one day, so talking about them and asking questions will help you get to know them before you even meet them in person. Asking about her parents, siblings and extended family will come in handy when you finally meet them so that you know what to expect and what sort of things to talk about with them.

  1. What are your hobbies?

Everyone likes to do something or are passionate about a hobby and learning about a woman’s preferred hobbies and sharing yours is something that’s usually talked about on the first date. It might even lead to fun date ideas that involve hobbies that you both love!

  1. What are your favorite movies?

Learning about hobbies is fun and so is finding out what sort of movies they love. Maybe both of you share a love for comedies, drama or even horror.

This will determine what your Netfix and chill nights will look like!

  1. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

This one can be a bit intimidating to ask, but you’d want to know if they have a record, right? Finding out if they’ve ever been in trouble with the law will help you determine what sort of person they are. But if you don’t want to ask them, you can always take matters into your own hands and run a background search on them. There’s no shame in running a background check since it’s important to know if the person you’re dating is legit or not.

  1. What are your favorite foods?

Knowing what someone prefers when it comes to food and meals can be important in the early stages of dating since it will help when it comes to choosing restaurants for your dates!

  1. How would your friends describe you?

Making her wonder about how her friends would describe her makes her dive deep into her own characteristics more and will help you get the truth about her.

  1. What led you to your profession or job?

Knowing why they chose their profession or job can reveal a lot about a person.

  1. What are your biggest goals?

Asking her about all of her goals will give you important insight about her future and what sort of life she wants to have. A woman with no goals might not be the one for you. Everyone should have goals and it will tell you a lot about them and their personality.

  1. Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Maybe you’ll both be able to cross things off of your bucket lists together! If not, telling stories about past travels can help you get to know her and what she likes. This will greatly help later when you both want to go on a romantic getaway together!

  1. What’s the best concert she’s been to?

Finding out what her favorite music is can help you down the line when you want to surprise her with tickets to her favorite artist!

  1. What’s your dating past been like?

This one is touchy and can be a bit invasive, but you should know what her dating past has been like? Doing a background check by going online and seeing what comes up can help give you more insight on this if you don’t want to ask when you’re first dating. Don’t be afraid to do a background search on your date, especially if you meet online!

  1. What are your dislikes?

Knowing what a person dislikes is important to getting to know them on another level!

  1. Do you have kids or have you ever been married?

This is a question for the first date because it’s vital to know their backstory to see if they have kids or not. This may not be a relationship for you if you are looking for someone with no kids. A background search can help you find this out if you don’t want to ask upfront!

  1. What are you looking for in a relationship?

This is something that will help you figure out if they want a relationship or not and should be asked after a few dates to know if she want’s the same

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