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10 Tricks And Traps MEN Must Avoid When Dating A New Woman

Dating a new woman can be an exhilarating time in your life. All the hanging out, dinners, weekends together and hours-long talks can be fun, exciting and daunting. The first few months of dating can be a whirlwind of romantic outings, which an often cloud your critical thinking as you push aside all the warning signs that these new girls could be a problem in the future. So before you end up hurt or damaged in a few months, get your head out of the dating clouds and avoid these ticks and traps when dating a new woman:

  1. She manipulates you

If you find yourself being manipulated by her, expect her to continue doing it for as long as you date her. Dating a manipulator can be tricky since you might not realize it at first. She’ll pretend to listen to you rant and then over time realize that they somehow mange to change your thoughts and feelings so that it aliens with theirs.

  1. You have to be an emotional cheerleader for her

Women are sensitive by nature and can be very emotional. However, if she’s constantly seeking you out to be her emotional cheerleader, something is wrong. This relationship isn’t healthy and she’s made your responsible for her emotions. She’s doing this to you because she’s trying to fill an emotional void that she might not even know she has.  For the man, being an emotional cheerleader can be tiring and it will get old after a while.

  1. She’s obsessed with luxury

A girl that’s obsessed with designer things can later put some unrealistic expectations on you when it comes to what she demands from you. She’ll want you to shower her with luxury gifts that you might not be able to afford. It’s okay to want nice things, but a girl like this might be way too high maintenance down the road. She’ll also make you feel as if anything you get her won’t be a worthy gift if it doesn’t have a designer name attached to it.

  1. She starts to change

If she swears she loves sports and things you like and then all of a sudden doesn’t, that’s a huge red flag that she’s starting to change because she’s comfortable in the relationship. She essentially trapped you by liking all the same things you did just to snag you. And now that she did, she’s showing her true colors. A woman like this can’t be trusted and she lied to you about everything. For times like these, you could run a background search on her just to ease your mind to know she really is who she said she was when you first met her.

  1. She’s way to into herself

It’s one thing to be confident about yourself and another thing to be narcissistic. One trap to try and avoid is staying with a woman that has an “all about me” attitude. While she might not have shown you this side of her in the first few weeks of the relationship, bur it’ll slowly creep out the longer you see her and it’ll be frustrating to deal with. It’s hard to get people who have this mentality to care about you and your feelings. They’ll want all the attention all the time and it’ll be hard to really create a loving relationship with them.

  1. She disrespects you

No matter how much you dig her, don’t fall into the trap where you get disrespected. You don’t want to be with someone who talks down to your or ridicules you. They’re destructive and putting your relationship in a very destructive place that you don’t want to be in. Don’t let her talk to you in a disrespectful way or put you down. You deserve better than that. And this still rings true if she does it jokingly. If you see that she’s doing it way too much, she’s still disrespecting you no matter how much she’s “playing” with you.

  1. She blows things out of proportion

It’s one thing to fight every once in a while, but it’s an entirely different thing to fight all the time. If you notice that she blows small things out of proportion, your entire relationship will be one huge argument. If she’s always trying to start fights with you for the smallest things, it’s time to go. Life is too short to be arguing all the time!

  1. She controls everything

Being with a control freak will lead to disaster and heartbreak later on for you. If she’s controlling and possessive, it’s time to end the relationship STAT! Things will only get worse the longer you’re with her and she’ll never change. She’ll just continue with her controlling and possessive antics that you’ll tire of really fast.

  1. She still trapped with an ex

An ex is an ex for a reason. But if she’s still in contact with hers and claims they’re just really good friends now, you might want to think otherwise. That relationship should have ended and if things are too close for comfort in your relationship now, there might be a big chance that she’s not over him. If she talks to him on occasion, there shouldn’t be anything to really worry about. But if you notice that he’s always a topic, then you might want to have her go back to him. This is a huge red flag that she hasn’t moved on yet.

   10. She doesn't trust you

Trust is huge in a relationship, especially when you first start out since everything is so fresh, you don’t know what to expect. Trust is a huge predictor of the success of your relationship, so if she don’t trust you now, she never will. And that goes for you, too! Feeling a lack of trust should make you rethink the relationship.

Men, dating a new girl can be exciting. Just don’t get caught up in these traps or tricks and you’ll have a great relationship!

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