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How to get an On-line Background Search Free and Easy

how to get on line background search 1There are times when you need to run a background search to find important public information about someone, such as their past jobs, addresses, criminal records, etc. You may need the information on almost anyone, and especially on someone that seems a bit concerning to you, for example, a new guy in your neighborhood, or even a new date. Most information about people is already digitized, and that makes it possible to run a background check anytime you need one. This is how you can effectively dig up information on a person of interest without hiring a private detective:

Then search out cities and states where he lived. lets you do that for free.  As the name suggests, it helps you run a background search into the lives of people. It indexes links associated with a certain individual to give an overview of their life. You can perform a do-it-yourself free background search, or you can get an Instant Total Background Search report.

One good technique is to put a person’s name into the Instant Total Background Search form at the top of this page, and get a list of the cities in which the person has lived, because he could have committed crimes in any of those other cities and states. Then, you can do a deeper search on the person's record in each city where he lived. And, using the same techniques shown here in, you can check out his or her relatives to see if he a bad relative that might have influenced your person of interest.  If you marry your person of interest, then the relatives will be your in-laws and affect your life, too.  Again, you can use the do-it-yourself free background search techniques shown here in, or you can use the Instant Total Background Search report.

Run a Search on Google

Google is the place to go for online search. Just enter personal details such as full name in quotes to get started. For example, if the name is John wright, just type in “John Wright.” For filtering, try to narrow down search as much as possible. You can filter using city information. If a person has just relocated from another city, use that city instead of the current one to get the past results. Google usually lists the person’s social media profiles when such a search is conducted. This means that you can use these social media platforms to enhance your search results.

Popular Social Media Tools for Searching Personal Information

how to get on line background search


 Facebook needs no introduction. It is home to more than 1 billion people. Chances of finding anyone through Facebook are high. However, Facebook has private and public profile settings and depending on that, the results will appear. You can also use Google with Facebook typing in queries such as “site: ‘John Smith’” to pull up something even from private profiles such as posts shared to a public group etc.


Instagram is where you can search through someone’s life through photos. Just like Facebook, the platform has private and public profile settings. In case of a private profile, you won't be able to dig in. However, with public profiles, you can see images, followers and details that the person has shared through his account.

Linked In

 LinkedIn is where people have set up their career profiles. You can get most of the past work history from searching through LinkedIn. Since most companies have started using LinkedIn to recruit employees, you will find the majority of people present on this platform.


Pinterest is like Instagram. However, instead of sharing personal images, most people share quotes and images of their interest. Not many people use Pinterest, but still, it is not a bad choice when looking for some extra details about someone.

Tracing the Images

There is an app known as the Beat, which combines the geotags of digital photos with geotags to fetch Google Street view where the photo was shot. Always be careful when posting photos with geotags as everything can be traced back.

Go through the Sex Offender Registry

Last but not the least; you may want to check if your guest is a convicted sex offender. Fortunately, for you, there is a website by the name National Sex offender Search, where you can enter the ZIP code to see a list of convicted sex offenders in your area. The site shows a list of people with a home and works details along with a risk level in some cases. However, proceed with caution as search sites might confuse different profiles and accidentally lead you believe the person is someone that he or she is not.

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