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 9 Savvy Tps For A North Dakota Background Search

Before performing a North Dakota Background Search, know the shortcuts a savvy background searcher already knows.

How to Attain Criminal Record for a North Dakota Background Search

The Attorney General’s office will be the place to get this information for your North Dakota Background Search. The Attorney General for North Dakota is located at State criminal records offered for a $15 charge and an additional $22 if you need a fingerprint card processed through the FBI.

Information continued below Easy Search Form

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The records will be of “reportable” crimes. What that means is simply they had to be arrested and fingerprinted by the arresting law enforcement agency. Examples of “reportable” crimes are felonies, misdemeanors, some city ordinance violations, and bad checks.

You can expect these reports to contain convictions for their lifetime, the last three years of charges, prison, jail time served and other “reportable” crimes or events. This information will be helpful to ensure your North Dakota Background Search is complete.

How to Get Vital Records for a North Dakota Background Search

The place to get vital records is at The vital records department has many documents you will need for your North Dakota Background Search including birth, death, marriage and divorce records.

The process time for a request, is 5-7 days to that you can add mailing time. The fee will be $7 for the first copy.  Expedited service is available but that will have an additional fee of $16 to $35 depending on where you live and how quickly you would like it.

To get a birth certificate from vital records, you would need full name at birth, date of birth, city or county of birth, father and mother’s name (including maiden name), your relationship to the person, along with your phone and address.

Find Sex Offenders for a North Dakota Background Search

North Dakota Sex Offender site is at Here you can find sex offenders in your area, delinquent offenders or a printable version of offenders for North Dakota.

Attain Driving Record for a North Dakota Background Search

Division of Motor Vehicles is on the web at Find driving records along with vehicle Ownership at this DMV site also.

How to find Tax Liens for a North Dakota Background Search

Secretary of the state of North Dakota is at .

Federal Tax Liens filed with the Secretary of State. Find state tax liens at the local county government offices.

How to find Workers Compensation Cases for a North Dakota Background Search

Workers Compensation is at You can run an employer search from this website to see if an employer has an open policy with the Workforce Safety & Insurance.

Where to Find State Archives for a North Dakota Background Search

State Archives and Library is at Here you will find links to archives for genealogy, government, newspapers, and other information that would help you when performing a North Dakota Background Search.

Another Place to Search Records for a North Dakota Background Search

The official North Dakota website is here Here you can find a government agency directory along with many other helpful links.

How to Get an Instant North Dakota Background Search

BackgroundSearch is located at This is the place to find out current and previous addresses, neighbors, possible relatives, birth, marriage, judgments, And more, if available in an instant. Whether you are a home user or a professional, you can get instant results for a nominal fee that is easy to use for your North Dakota Background Search



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Background Search & People Search
First Name
Last Name
City / State


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