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 6 Important FAQs about a New Mexico Background Search


There are important things you need to know before you perform a New Mexico Background Search.

How much time a New Mexico Background Search will take?

The amount of time to complete a comprehensive New Mexico Background Search will depend on how many county offices you need to contact and how you contact them. If you are mailing in a request for public documents you could be looking at a week or more to get your information from one county. If you are able to go to the county in person or if that county has the record available online or by fax, it could save you weeks of waiting time.

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How much preparation is there for a New Mexico Background Search?

An in-depth New Mexico Background Search will take some preparation in advance. The information you need in advance could be, but not limited to, full name, alias, counties of residence and counties of travel. Keep in mind the more complete information you can attain in advance will let you know what counties you need to contact to avoid an incomplete New Mexico Background Search.

What government offices have documents for a New Mexico Background Search?

The Attorney General at is the place to start searching for the offices that can help you find information for your New Mexico Background Search. State records offices and county government offices will be helpful to complete a New Mexico Background Search.

The official New Mexico state website is at .  They offer a complete list of county, city and state agency web page addresses. Including the following helpful government offices:

* County Clerk’s office: They will have documents for marriage, death, divorce and more.

* Department of Motor Vehicle: They will have driving records. 

* New Mexico Corrections Department: They have an offender search for criminals that are on parole/ probation or currently incarcerated.

What does it Cost to Perform a New Mexico Background Search?

If you need a vital record such as of birth, death or marriage to complete a New Mexico Background Search you will need to contact vital records from the state page. Individual counties have their own fee schedules. Contact them to find out the exact amount of documents. The state will charge you, $10 for birth records and $5 for death records. After you find out the exact amount of each document, add time needed to perform a New Mexico Background Search to your cost and gas for driving to local government offices.

Where do I look for more Information for Attaining Records for a New Mexico Background Search?

You can read a 56-pg PDF file of the Inspection of Public Records Act from if you have more questions or want the limits on viewing public or vital records.

How can I Save Money on a New Mexico Background Search?

There is an easier way to get this done instantly, instead of waiting weeks for vital documents to come to you. Let search a nationwide database of 11 billion public records to ensure accuracy for your next New Mexico Background Search . uses the same data that is used by Fortune 1000 companies, law enforcement, and private investigators.

Save the time and expense by using for your next comprehensive , today.


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Background Search & People Search
First Name
Last Name
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