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 What Is A Personal Background Search And Why Should I Do One?

A personal Background Search is an investigation into the background and past of a person. This investigation can include searching all available public records like criminal records, credit records, property records, court records, driving records, and others. The main purpose of a personal Background Search is to gather as much information as you can about a person, past and present. The more information you can find the better you will be able to accurately assess and lower any risks involved in hiring, renting property to, or associating with a person.


5 Situations When A Personal Background Search Should Be Done

l .      If a caregiver is needed for children or the elderly, a personal Background Search really should be done. These two classes are the most defenseless people in society, and many times these charges can not report any abuse or neglect. Knowing the background of anyone who is going to be looking after a loved one is critical to minimize the risk of abuse or neglect. A personal Background Search will give you important information about the past actions of the subject so that you are aware of them and can take any necessary steps to reduce any risks involved. 


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 2.     A personal Background Search should be done on anyone who will be staying or living in your home or rental property. This check may alert you to an increased risk of damage or harm to your family or property, and you can take precautions to lower any risks. Why take a chance when it is so easy to do a personal Background Search and get peace of mind? 

         3. Any applicant at your business should undergo a personal Background Search. Unfortunately, workplace violence and theft are all too common today, and these situations can cost money or cause serious injuries or death to employees and others. A personal Background Search can identify factors which show an increased risk for violent or criminal behavior, and this will allow you to deal with these issues effectively and reduce the risks.

4.     Any business associate or person who you have financial dealings with should be the subject of a personal Background Search. This will ensure that you know of any information that shows behavior which could pose an increased risk to you, your family and friends, and your business and employees. A personal Background Search can help you reduce the financial risks and increase your awareness of potential problems, so you can take steps to prevent them.  

        5.    Any person who is asking for a loan or credit should have a personal Background Search done. It is important to note, however, that in this case if you have a third party do the search for you written consent must be obtained from the subject. If you do the personal Background Search and do not involve any third parties no consent is needed. Any person can perform a personal Background Search on another person without breaking the law, it is only when third parties get involved that consent becomes an issue. 


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