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3 Reasons for a Free Employee Background Search


Conducting a free employee Background Search will allow an employer to effectively verify an applicant’s curriculum vitae and other claims. A free employee Background Search will also be able screen potential applicants for any history of work sanctions, criminal acts or litigation.

 Conducting a free employee Background Search may have several advantages. Here are some of them.

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 A Free Employee Background Search Helps to Avoid Negligent Hiring

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of negligent hiring cases among various companies. In majority of the states in the US, laws dealing with negligent hiring hold the company owners or the employers accountable for employee misconduct. In some occasions, employers still remain liable even if the event occurred outside the place of employment.

Because of negligent hiring cases, companies have been losing millions of dollars every year. On the average, a company spends approximately $150,000 on every case of negligent hiring. According to other researches, more than $1.5 million is spent on settlements and compensation for negligent hiring cases.

Negligent hiring has been associated mainly with poor background investigations. A free employee Background Search will allow you to effectively screen and identify individuals who may be dangerous, such as those with criminal histories, violent tendencies or substance abuse problems. A free employee Background Search ensures that the employees hired can be trusted and will not commit unlawful acts.

A Free Employee Background Search Reduces Employee Fraud and Theft

Recent researches have revealed that businesses lose approximately $40 billion every year because of employee theft. Of these cases, approximately 70% of them are committed by those who have done the crime at least once. Thus, by conducting a free employee Background Search, a business can decrease the risk of theft and fraud, and minimize potential losses.

Approximately $650 are lost for every incident of employee theft and fraud committed, which could be saved if the company conducts free employee Background Searches.

A Free Employee Background Search Minimizes Identity Theft and False Claims

Employment is one of the leading causes of identity theft. Studies have shown an increase of more than 100% in identity theft in the last 10 years. Claims regarding false training and skills have also been increasing in the last few years, with over 50% of job applications containing false information. Free employee Background Search can help determine which information provided by the applicant is authentic and which is erroneous.

For every incident of identity theft and false claims, a company loses an average cost of $32,000. By conducting a free employee Background Search on potential employees, companies will lessen the risk of hiring incompetent individuals and will be able to save a huge sum of money.

Government Departments Recommend Employee Background Searchs

According to the Department of Commerce, approximately 1/3 of all failures in business are due to bad hiring practices. The Department of Homeland Security actively promotes employee Background Search as an effective screening tool. By conducting a free employee Background Search , you will lower the risk of business losses and help increase your company’s productivity and returns.


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Background Search & People Search
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