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6 Public Records To Search During A Free Criminal Record Check

In today's world, not everyone is who they say or what they seem. A free criminal record check is necessary to verify that a person has been honest and that they are not hiding a criminal background which could increase the risks to you, loved ones, employees, and others. Safety has become a primary concern with employers, parents, and others. A free criminal record check is a terrific way to verify a person's history and background, so that you are aware of any risks that they may present.


6 Public Records to search during a Free Criminal Record Check

   1. Criminal records should always be searched during a free criminal record check. Most of the criminal history of a person is contained in these records. Some locations combine arrest and conviction records in the database, but some places do not. Verify when doing a free criminal record check that arrest records are included to make sure you have all the information available.


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   1. Arrest records, if they are not included with the conviction records, should be searched as well during a free criminal record check. This will guarantee that nothing has been missed which could increase the risks.
   1. During a free criminal record check it is very important to check the sex offender registry. This is often missed or overlooked, sometimes with tragic results. The sex offender registry may show up past crimes that are not included in other local information databases, and should always be included in a free criminal record check. 

   1. A free criminal record check should also search all available court records. These records may indicate signs of increased risks, like any restraining orders or other injunctions. This information can show an increased risk which may need to be considered.

   1. Property records can provide a wealth of information and sources that can be helpful during a free criminal record check. These records can include items like the name and addresses of neighbors, any other property owned, and sometimes some financial information like liens or taxes owed. 

   1. When doing a free criminal record check it is a great idea to search any available driving records. These can provide information that should be considered because it may mean an increased risk associated with that person. If you are doing a free criminal record check on someone who will be caring for your children or other loved one, and their driving record shows careless or reckless behavior, then this shows an increased risk which needs to be considered.

These six public record sources are crucial during a free criminal record check.

As long as these records are searched for every location that the subject has ever been the free criminal record check will be thorough and contain all relevant information. No one wants to jeapordize the safety and security of those close to them, and these checks will help to point out any increased risks so that any necessary measures or precautions can be taken to lower these risks.


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