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Checklist For A Free Background Search Online

Why A Free Background Search Online Needed?

In the modern world, it is common for people to be untruthful about their past, especially if they are applying for a job and feel that certain information in their past looks bad. A free background search online can be a fantastic way to know all the pertinent facts before you hire an employee, and this can help you minimize any risks involved. Many potential employees may have past histories that can identify increased risks of certain behaviors, such as theft, assault, violent behavior, or other red flags that a person should not be trusted as an employee. A free background search online can help you identify any problems, so that you can take action to minimize the risks to you, your company, and your employees before it is too late.

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Do I Need Permission From An Applicant Or Employee To Do A Free Background Search Online?

Permission or authorization for a free background search online is only needed if you use a third party to conduct the search for you. As long as you perform the search yourself then you do not need permission according to federal law, even if you use an information aggregator, however you can not allow a third party access to the results without permission from the subject. Some states may have specific conditions that you should be aware of to ensure you do not break any laws, but even under state laws as long as you do the free background search online yourself and do not have a third party do the search.

Essential Database Checklist For A  Free Background Search Online

There are several databases that should be checked during a free background search online, to ensure that no relevant records are missed, otherwise your risks of certain occurrences can be higher without you being aware of this. This can put you and your company at risks which are unacceptable and can have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences. A free background search online should be done on every potential employee and business partner to protect your company, your employees, and your finances.

Free Background Search Online Database Checklist

There are several databases that should always be included in a free background search online . Missing even one of these databases increases your risks of missed information.

  • Arrest records should always be checked during a free background search online, and it is a common misconception that these are always included in conviction or criminal records. Many times these are kept separate, so make sure you know about this information.


  • The sex offenders registry can give you vital information during a free background search online that may not be found anywhere else, if the person was convicted in another area. There are laws that require a convicted sex offender to register at every area they live or work in, so you can find out whether a person is a sexual predator.


  • Property records can give information including known business associates, neighbors who are sometimes very helpful, any property owned, and more during a free background search online.


  • Criminal records should never be left out of a free background search online, because these records can contain crucial information about the past behavior and future risks of a potential employee.


  • Court records can give facts about a person that include any lawsuits for or against the subject, as well as any criminal charges. This information can identify increased risks during a free background search online.


Easy Background Search Steps:

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2. Search hits are displayed for free
3. Select person(s) & info you need

Background Search & People Search
First Name
Last Name
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