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6 Myths About A Free Background Search

A free background search is a search into the past history of a person to find out as much information about that person as possible. This is done by searching public records like criminal and court records among others. Anyone can perform a free background search on another person without getting permission except under certain state or federal laws. As long as the subject is not a job applicant, a prospective tenant, or asking for credit, it is completely legal to do a background search on anyone.

 6 Common Myths Concerning A Free Background Search:

Myth #1: Performing a complete and thorough free background search is easy

This is completely false. Doing a free background search can take a lot of work to gather all of the relevant background information. Different databases must be searched to make sure that no important information is missed, and unfortunately not every state and city has made their records available for viewing online. A thorough free background search can tell you a lot about a person, but it can require a lot of work and cost to travel to various cities and to pay government imposed fees.


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Myth #2: Every free background search is error free

A free background search can provide vital information, however the public records available can have errors in the information included. This can result in those errors being included in your free background search. When doing a search it is important to double check and verify the information to ensure only accurate information is included in the free background search. For example, beware of information mistakenly secured about the wrong person. Conversely, beware of information that is mistakenly ommited.

Myth #3: Doing a free background search is quick

A free background search may take quite a while to complete. For the search to provide all the necessary history, all public records in every place the subject has ever lived or stayed must be searched. For someone who moves frequently this can mean searching up to twenty or thirty different locations, or more. This takes some time to complete, so doing this search may be very time consuming.

Myth #4: Doing a free background search is better than using an information aggregator

This is not true. An information aggregator charges a modest price for access to the massive databases of public information that they maintain, which contain public records from numerous jurisdictions and upwards of 3000 counties. This allows you to search many records in one convenient location, making your search much faster and more efficient.

Myth 5: A complete free background search can always be done online

Unfortunately, even in modern times not every place has kept up with modern technology. Some places which store public records have not gotten around to making them available online. When this happens it becomes necessary to visit the place these records are kept and manually search through them.

Myth 6: I need the social security number of a person to do a free background search

A social security number can help when you are doing a free background search , but it is not necessary. Most public records do not contain social security numbers anyways, because of privacy and identify theft issues. The full name, date of birth, and prior residences for the subject are more helpful than their social security numbers.  However, with an information aggregator, like, you may start your Background Search with just the persons name.


Easy Search Steps:

1. Enter name in search form
2. Search hits are displayed for free
3. Select person(s) & info you need

Background Search & People Search
First Name
Last Name
City / State


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