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5 Secrets To A Doctor Background Search

Why Should I Do A Doctor Background Search?

A doctor background search should be done any time you are going to a new doctor, before your first visit. Performing this search can help you eliminate unsuitable physicians that you are not comfortable with, for whatever reason. It is important that you are comfortable with your physician, and a doctor background search can help put your mind at ease, or make you aware of any higher risks.

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Secret #1: Check The Medical Board For Complaints During A Doctor Background Search

A complete doctor background search should always include a search of complaints to the medical board, as well as any action taken against the doctor by the board. There is a review process to handle all complaints against medical professionals, and a large number of complaints may be a sign that you should find another doctor for your health needs. A doctor background search should also verify that the license of a doctor is valid and up to date, not suspended, revoked, or nonexistent.

Secret #2: Check The Civil Court Records For Lawsuits And Judgments During A Doctor Background Search

A doctor background search should include court records. These records can give information about any lawsuits filed against your potential doctor, and no one wants a doctor who has numerous lawsuits or malpractice cases against them. Having this information available from a doctor background search can save you money, pain and suffering, and even save your life in some situations.

Secret #3: Verify The Education Of The Physician During A Doctor Background Search

The education and degrees listed by a potential physician should always be verified during a doctor background search. There have been rare cases of people practicing medicine by lying about their education and credentials, so this information should be checked out and authenticated. A doctor background search will reveal the real education and professional facts about a doctor, so that you don't end up making a huge mistake in choosing your doctor.

Secret #4: During The Doctor Background Search, Check All Relevant Locations

If you are going to do a doctor background search, you should find out any locations that the doctor may have lived, practiced, or visited. These locations must be searched for complete and accurate results. There may have been disciplinary action, complaints, or even criminal charges filed against the doctor in another area or state, and your local records may not have this information. For a doctor background search to be efficient and effective, every location must have all public record databases searched to help you protect yourself.

Secret #5: A Doctor Background Search Should Include Criminal Records

Criminal records can provide vital information about your doctor, or potential doctor, that may affect whether you choose to see this doctor for your medical needs. A doctor background search should always include the criminal records. These records can give you facts about past criminal acts committed by your doctor that may shock and astound you. There are the rare few doctors who take advantage of patients and are abusive, either physically or sexually, and a doctor background search can help you identify doctors who represent higher risks in these areas, so you can keep your risks low.


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Background Search & People Search
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