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6 Reasons to Do Criminal Record Searches


Reason #1. Criminal record searches are done to ensure you hire only trustworthy people to work in your home.

Make sure that the persons taking care of your children and your house has undergone criminal record searches and has been cleared. Some people ask for the applicants to submit reports of criminal record searches themselves, others hire an independent service provider to do it, with appropriate consent of the persons concerned. Either way, doing criminal record searches ensures peace of mind to those who are not comfortable sharing a house with someone convicted of a crime. Thorough criminal record searches should also include the sex offender registry to make sure that your children won’t come into contact with a convicted child molester.

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Reason #2. Criminal record searches are done to ensure employers hire the most suitable applicant for a job.

Under the FCRA, employers are forbidden to order criminal record searches on job applicants without their consent, although those expected to receive $75,000 or more in salary are exempted. This means that persons applying for top positions may be required to undergo criminal record searches. Independent background search providers also have the means to do criminal record searches on information sources legally available to the public, making them the suitable service provicers to do it. Though the FCRA was designed to protect the rights of individuals wishing not to divulge personal information, it does not totally inhibit criminal record searches made by employers who have justifiable reasons to do so. When the situation calls for it, criminal record searches are useful tools to protect employers from being charged with negligent hiring.

Reason #3: Criminal record searches are done to protect individuals from scams and frauds.

Whether you’re offered a potentially lucrative business deal or a product that appears too good to be true, try conducting criminal record searches first on persons concerned. Hire a professional provider of criminal record searches to make sure you get accurate results. Though criminal record searches might cost you a small expense, it is worth knowing that the people, with which your are dealing, have no previous criminal activities to hide.

Reason #4: Criminal record searches are done on persons wishing to purchase firearms.

Licensed gun dealers are required to conduct instant criminal record searches on people intending to buy guns. Either by phone or computer, criminal records searches are done through the National Instant Check System, to make sure persons with criminal records will not have access to weapons. Some states also imposed mandatory waiting period of several days to conduct additional criminal record searches on their databases, or to provide a “cooling off period” during which the buyer is allowed to reflect on the purpose of his gun purchase.

Reason #5: Criminal record searches are done to prove one’s innocence.

Some countries require documentations to prove a foreigner was not convicted of any criminal offenses. People wishing to live or work in foreign countries can request for criminal record searches on themselves to meet this requirement and prove no such criminal record exists. Some people also conduct criminal record searches on themselves for licensing purposes.

Reason #6. Authorized agencies conduct criminal record searches to support  legal.

Though the records maintained by FBI are not open to the public, authorized crime investigators make use of these databases to facilitate arrests and convictions.


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