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5 Reasons To Do A Criminal Background Search

Unfortunately, in modern times people can not be taken at face value, so a criminal background search is a good idea to verify exactly who you are dealing with. Everyone has heard a horror story about a co-worker, blind date, or employee who stole, was violent, or committed some other criminal act. A criminal background search can identify past acts, information, and records which can help you to minimize your risks. Not everyone who commits a crime has a criminal record, but a big majority do. A criminal background search can help you identify any possible problems, so you can weed out undesirable applicants before any damage is done.

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Top 5 Reasons A Criminal Background Search Is Done

  • A criminal background search is done by sensible people



who find dates online or meet with unknown people met in chat rooms or online dating services. It can be a lonely world and a lot of people are looking for their soul mate, but sometimes the person on the other end of the modem may not be what they seem. A criminal background search can help to spot individuals who are lying about their background. It is a good idea to know who you are chatting with or planning to meet.

  • A criminal background search can give you information

on a potential employee that the employee may have omitted on their application. Today many businesses include the owner plus their family and friends. The information received from the criminal background search can help you to be better informed about the past criminal history of any applicant before they are hired. This allows you to take the necessary precautions needed to reduce the risk to employees and loved ones.
  • Any caregiver being considered as a nanny or babysitter

to your children should undergo a criminal background search. We have all heard horror stories about a caregiver who has abused or neglected the children in their care, and some people have had experience, either as a child or a parent, with a caregiver who was not what they seemed. A criminal background search can help you find the right candidate and eliminate any subjects who have a criminal history, which can help you minimize the risks to your children.               
  • A criminal background search is a good idea for anyone who lives



or visits at your home or property regularly. Landlords frequently do a criminal background search on prospective tenants to verify that the risk of drugs or criminal activities on the property are minimized. Obviously, a prospective tenant who has a criminal history of drug dealing or violent crimes increases the risks for the landlord and other tenants. By obtaining this information during a criminal background search, a landlord or property owner can lower the risks by taking the necessary precautions and eliminating bad applicants.

  • Performing a criminal background search on neighbor 

in your neighborhood may seem a little paranoid to some, but to parents with children, and a lot of other people, it is a very wise move. Unfortunately, some people are sexual predators who prey on children or adults, and these people put the entire neighborhood at a greatly increased risk for being the victim of a crime. A criminal background search can identify these predators by past criminal behavior, and help you to reduce the risks to your family and loved ones by identifying these individuals so that you can take the appropriate steps to keep your family safe.

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Background Search & People Search
First Name
Last Name
City / State


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