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9 Critical Records To Include in a Canada Background Search


Which Records Should Be Included In A Canada Background Search?

A Canada background search may be done for many different reasons, and overlooking relevant records and information can have costly, or even deadly, consequences for you, your loved ones, and your business. There are several databases that should be checked to ensure you have all the available information needed to find out the true facts. A Canada background search should always include these records.

  1. Federal Records
  2. Civil Records
  3. Property and Asset Records
  4. Vital Statistic Records
  5. Driving and Vehicle Records
  6. Employment Records
  7. Business Records
  8. Credit Records
  9. Criminal Records

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Why Search Federal And Civil Records During A Canada Background Search?

A Canada background search should always include any available information from these databases. Federal records can include many different records which can be helpful during a Canada background search.

  • Federal records can include information concerning federal inmates in a federal prison, federal bankruptcies files, and any federal criminal or civil court cases filed by or against the subject.
  • Civil records can contain information including any civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies outside of federal court, settlements, and other civil record information.


Can I Use An Information Aggregator For A Canada Background Search?

If you are going to do a Canada background search, an information aggregator may be able to save you a lot of time and effort. Information aggregators charge a small fee that is used to update and maintain a private database that contains millions of public records from thousands of online record databases. A free  Canada background search can be done for no charge, but this may take weeks to accomplish and it is still possible to miss vital records which increase your risks. When you use an information aggregator for your Canada background search needs, you get results quickly, instead of waiting days or weeks without being aware of the true risks. These records are also more accurate because they are frequently updated, ensuring only current information that is correct is available through the database.

How Can Employment Or Education Records Help During A Canada Background Search?

When performing a Canada background search, all the information is needed to correctly perform a risk assessment. It may not seem like a big deal if someone fudges a little on their resume or application, but this is an indication of deception and dishonest behavior. Searching education and employment records during a Canada background search can help you identify individuals who have been deceptive, so that you can take any measures necessary to keep your risks low.


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