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Checklist For A Background Search 

A background search can give you a lot of information about a person that can help you make the best choices and decisions using all the facts, not just a few of the facts based solely on the information the subject person wants you to know. There are many instances where a background search can help you minimize risks to yourself, family members, friends, and coworkers. To be thorough during the background search there are some things you should be aware of, otherwise the information you receive may be inaccurate or incomplete.

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What Do You Need to Do a Background Search?

To do a thorough background search on someone, it helps to have this basic information before you begin your search.  The more information you have about the subject person, the more complete your background search will be.  

l        The full name of the subject of the background search should be known to effectively search public records for that person.

l        The birth date of the search subject can be very helpful in eliminating the wrong records and verifying the correct ones. The age of the person can also help if you are unsure of their exact birth date.

l        Any cities and states where the subject has lived in the past. This information can provide a more complete background search and ensure that no records or information is missed or overlooked.

l        Knowing about any past addresses or employers can be helpful when doing a pre-employment background search to ensure the proper information is received, and that the information is valid and complete.

Public Records Involved In A Background Search

Public records used to gather information during a background search include records kept at any courthouse in all fifty states, town or city hall, vital statistics records, birth and death records, And more, if available.

l        Criminal records provide details about the past crimes of the person if any have been committed. Typically, these are kept at the local courthouse in each county where the crime was committed.

l        Tax liens, bankruptcy proceedings, and civil lawsuits are used during a background search to help give financial information and show financial or credit problems.

l        Property and business ownership can be found by searching property records and business registrations.

l        Any professional licenses, such as a medical license or law license to name just a couple, can be found searching city and state licensing boards. This information from the background search can show any complaints or disciplinary action  taken by the board or government agency, as well as any awards.

l        Birth, death, marriage, and divorce records are all public records that can be searched during a background search to provide information about the past habits and behaviors of a person.

l        The sex offender registry is available at all police departments, and online in most cities and states, to help identify sexual predators during a background search. This can help parents, neighbors, and co-workers take the necessary and appropriate action to protect themselves and loved ones by minimizing the risks.

Finding Public Records During A Background Search

All of the records listed are public records, and this means you have a right to access them. This can be quite a chore, however, because many times this involves actually going to the courthouse. Some places have moved their public records online but many have not, so this can be quite costly because it can include actually going to numerous different courthouses to locate these records. If the subject has lived in other states, or moved to several different cities, the background search can quickly add up. Using an information aggregator, like, can save time and money because the small cost of a background search goes towards the upkeep of the information database. This database contains all these public records in one location, so the results are available in no time.


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Background Search & People Search
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