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TOPIC: Why I Hate Smoking...

Why I Hate Smoking... 7 years 3 months ago #7765

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Yes I have friends that light or toke up on the tobacco or wacky tobacky, and while people are free to make their own decisions and I honor that, I absolutely detest all forms of smoking. Did a background search on the harmful effects of smoking and it came back with so many results. Not to mention these people throw all their cigarette butts all over the place, pollute the environment, and how it essentially just comes down to the smoking society being a certain type of person. But heck, I guess President Barack Obama used to smoke so I really can't be that stereotypical right? It's really something police look for if you knew that or not, young people smoking cigarettes in public because it's tied to deviant behavior and crime usually since it's a more liberal activity. No I'm not saying everybody who smokes whatever they smoke is a criminal, but alot of what people smoke is illegal in the first place so what gives? Yeah I had a little fun when I was younger, but being totally clean now as a full grown adult, I've come to see that drugs are bad wholeheartedly. While my politics are mostly center left in a generalized sense, I do take a right wing stance on Hard drugs, and truly feel we do need to lock up people who use and peddle things like cocaine, heroine, and meth around our communities because it poisons the societies, especially if the community is suburbia. As far as Marijuana goes, I guess I'm fine with it being legalized even though I don't use. The more I used, the more it affected me in a negative light but I understand it has medicinal effects for alot of people so I'm with the majority. Hah, I remember when I was in college I lived in a rather big property that had the address of '240'. So of course I flipped the numbers to '420'. I'm not saying what went on there but yeah. Anyway, I guess this was a little political and personal in regards to how I feel about certain issues. But felt the need to share.

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