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TOPIC: Right Wing Democratic Socialism

Right Wing Democratic Socialism 6 years 5 months ago #7766

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Alot of older generations are turned off to the Bernie Sanders ideologies for the fact that they often ask the question of 'who's going to pay for it?' As in all these great programs that are going to help all these people that haven't put their time in yet. Right along with higher taxes and expanding the welfare ideology, it just doesn't sit right with the right so to speak. Personally, I feel Democratic Socialism can be done right and this is how. Hopefully you caught the wordplay but anyway, firstly I feel the only people who should get socialized benefits like healthcare and education are the workers of the country that is socializing the benefits if that makes sense. Yes the liberal media says Scandinavia does it great and all that, right along with Canada, but if you look at the bigger picture we have so many piss poor citizens here in America who don't deserve universal healthcare and education. Why should a multiple felon be given these benefits? Why should a smoker be given lung cancer treatment? These are just all questions I choose to raise because I believe in cutting costs where it counts as well even though I'm pretty liberal in some aspects of my life. Secondly, you could cut all forms of welfare to further motivate people to work. Thus creating a society that is based off of the principle of you hold gainful employment you get everything, and if you don't your left to rot metaphorically speaking. As of right now, people are rewarded to stay on Government assistance. While if my ideas were implemented, people would be rewarded to get off of Government assistance even though unemployment is already rather low.

Personally though, I do detest the 'free' market. Maybe it's because of my past experiences as a person with it. Maybe it's because I'm a millennial. If I could have a comfortable Government job the rest of my life I'd take it. Heck I even believe that the Government should regulate free market businesses more than they do because of how my crooked family seems to operate but that's a side issue. I think my political leanings have alot to do with that factor. If you do a background search though in association to young people and Democratic Socialism, the numbers are staggering in support of it. I of course am not in the youngest demographic, but I'm in the second to youngest one. Building off of that statement though, and as explained above, I don't want the Bernie Sanders model of Democratic Socialism that is uber left. I want something that is right wing on a Socialist paradigm, and moderate on a complete political spectrum if that makes sense. Guess I'm posting the music video below because it has great political imagery from one of my favorite bands, Angels And Airwaves. Check them out.

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