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TOPIC: Analysis of "Why My Father Hated India"

Analysis of "Why My Father Hated India" 8 years 4 weeks ago #294

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The original article "Why My Father Hated India" was authored by Astish Taseer. It was published in the Wall Street Journal on July 16, 2011. Aatish Taseer, the son of an assassinated Pakistani leader, explained the history and hysteria behind a deadly relationship.

Excerpt from Why My Father Hated India:

Ten days before he was assassinated in January, my father, Salman Taseer, sent out a tweet about an Indian rocket that had come down over the Bay of Bengal: "Why does India make fools of themselves messing in space technology? Stick 2 bollywood my advice."

My father was the governor of Punjab, Pakistan's largest province, and his tweet, with its taunt at India's misfortune, would have delighted his many thousands of followers. It fed straight into Pakistan's unhealthy obsession with India, the country from which it was carved in 1947.

Though my father's attitude went down well in Pakistan, it had caused considerable tension between us. I am half-Indian, raised in Delhi by my Indian mother: India is a country that I consider my own. When my father was killed by one of his own bodyguards for defending a Christian woman accused of blasphemy, we had not spoken for three years.

To understand the Pakistani obsession with India, to get a sense of its special edge—its hysteria—it is necessary to understand the rejection of India, its culture and past, that lies at the heart of the idea of Pakistan. This is not merely an academic question. Pakistan's animus toward India is the cause of both its unwillingness to fight Islamic extremism and its active complicity in undermining the aims of its ostensible ally, the United States.


One thing is true, the very existence of majority of front line ruling elites on both countries are dependent on border issues and terrorism. That's been serving them as a "blanket" to do their own job for decades - stealing public money. When ever there is a scam about someone in the party which can shake the government the border security force will start firing "May be they get a call from the other side to initiate firing". Most of them have roots on either sides. Like Pakistani President Musharaf was born in Delhi and L.K Advani one of the major political/Hindu party leader was born in Lahore/Pakistan.

Regarding the space rockets its true, may be one out of 10 will actually reach the space lol... but we are getting better ;)
In fact it is not the research to make the best one, but the cheapest one.

The poet version of the birth of Pakistan is new to me. The unofficial story that we know is the internal politics between two prominent freedom fighters Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah; both wanted to be prime minister! The official version is Hindus fought for Hindu nation and Muslims fought for Islamic nation. Now, I don't need to tell you who would have set fire to the religious sentiments which caused the riot lol.

I've no clue about Pakistan's economic success. The news that we get in India (of course filtered) gives us a different picture. I think they survive on USA and Chinese funds. The control of the nation is basically with ISI (Inter-service Intelligence) their version of CIA, and a puppet government. By far, interrogation of all of the terrorist attacks done on Indian soil ends in ISI. It is an easy way for India government too, so that no one needs to be convicted. In the history of this planet no mass killing has ever happened without the involvement of STATE.

Indian version of CIA, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) does the same shit in Baloochistan which is a resource rich province in Pakistan, breeding Boluchistan Liberation Army (BLA). Indira Gandhi the first women prime minister, daughter of first prime minister Nehru, did the same shit in the then East Pakistan, and successfully split Pakistan and made Bangladesh. Its an open secret that CIA breeds Al-Quaida and other sub-terrorist groups in Pakistan to fight against Russia and Pakistan breeds Laskar-e-taiaba, Indian mujahideen, Students Islamic Movement of India and various other militant groups in India. China is a silent supporter or better say they get the fruits of it by selling arms. :)

BTW the Bollywood story is true.... Pakistani film industry is not as vibrant as Bollywood. Obviously in an Islamic nation there will be less women to show their skin in public and there are a lot in India.... lol
The above analysis was posted with permission from the author, Mr. Prassoon Suryadas .

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