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TOPIC: Why have a public vote when the Electoral votes?

Why have a public vote when the Electoral votes? 8 years 2 months ago #208

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Why do they have the public vote for the candidate if they have the electoral votes? Does the public vote count or just the electoral votes? I think if I was one of the \"super\" voters they are talking about that have the deciding vote I would not be able to sleep at night for stressing out on if I was making the right decision. Then when it came time to cast my ballott it would take me all day because I would keep changing my mind!!! (Maybe that is why I am not a \"super voter\").

Wow. You need a 6th grade civics class.
The USA is a \"Republic\" not a democracy. That means that we vote for a representative for our district, who will then cast his vote which should be in accordance with the majority of our votes, but he is not legally bound to follow our wishes. Until the advent of computers, it would have been impossible to let everyone vote directly on everything.

The Electoral College uses the same process. Everyone in your district votes for a Presidential candidate, and then an Electoral College member from your district is supposed to cast his vote for the President according to the way your district majority voted, but under some circumstances he will vote his own way. Yes, now with computers, we think that stinks, but just a few years ago, that was the only practical way to do it.

The \"Super Voters\" are only in the Primary Elections and in the Democrat Party to elect the Democrat candidate for President. The \"super voters\" are Democrats that have been elected to office. The Democrat Party created super voters to prevent a bunch of young voters from taking control of the party. The old hack Democrats want to keep control for themselves.

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