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TOPIC: Vast Violent Minority Crime in Australia

Vast Violent Minority Crime in Australia 7 years 11 months ago #197

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An extreme case of abuse recorded by Rogers was that of a six-year-old girl getting drowned while being raped by an 18-year-old male who had been sniffing petrol. Another was that of two infants requiring surgery after being sexually assaulted by men while the mothers were away drinking alcohol. But the case, like others, was soon overtaken by fresh tragedies -- suicides, fatal accidents and other premature deaths.

Indigenous people make up barely two percent of Australia's population of 20 million but they suffer far higher rates of alcoholism, unemployment, imprisonment and domestic abuse.

Indigenous women and girls are 28 times more likely than other Australian females to be admitted to hospital for assault injuries, according to a 2003 report compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare.

Boys fare no better. Last week, researchers from the Queensland University of Technology revealed that aboriginal boys were ten times more likely to be raped than other Australian males.

Violence is so entrenched in some communities that they are simply labeled 'dysfunctional' communities or 'outback ghettos'. Rogers blames indigenous culture for the problems, where men often feel they can disregard the law and act with impunity.

Children who grow up witnessing violence, or being victims themselves, become brutalized and go on to commit acts of violence as adults. Children must be protected to stop the cycle of violence.

This is the welfare cycle. The government gives too much welfare to force the recipients to work. But no government can pay enough welfare to make the recipients as rich as they want to be, or as well off as the working people that are paying taxes to pay the welfare. The result is dissatisfied welfare recipients that do not have to work but commit crime to satisfy their greed for money, sex, violence and entertainment.

Many of Perth's elderly people barricade themselves in their houses, in a constant state of fear due to the prevalence of home invasions and senseless bashings. One retirement home has applied to the local council to build an electric fence around the property to protect the inhabitants from constant home invasions.

The rights of our senior citizens to live in peace should come before the loudly-trumpeted rights of criminals (black or white).

The solution is simple in concept. Protect the children and force the adults to work or starve. Work has amazingly good results. As soon as someone is working at a bad job, the first thing he wants is a better job. The way to a better job is education. Suddenly, all the traditional values of work, education, and cooperation gain status again.

Like any project there must be progress report and feedback to correct the course. Criminal record background searches and government actions should all be public information available to anyone who asks and anyone who want to publish it.

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Vast Violent Minority Crime in Australia 4 years 11 months ago #7927

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These people need help. All of them. The kids and the adults. The kids need to be protected and given a proper education and a loving environment. The adults need jobs and they need education to then get better jobs. With education and enough money in their pockets, such outbursts will become a thing of the past. Also people with criminal records shouldn’t be marginalized as that doesn’t solve anything really. They should be supported, offered jobs (while still keeping an eye on them).

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