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3 Easy steps:
  • Enter name in search form
  • Search hits are displayed for free
  • Select person & info you need
You can start your Name Search & Record Check if you know any of these:
  • Name, or
  • Maiden Name, or
  • Address, or
  • Phone number, or
  • Email
Name Search and Record Check
  • Background Search hits displayed free.
  • Criminal and civil records check
  • Instant results
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Powerful, patented database search
  • Covers 13 massive databases
  • 11 billion public records
  • For home users and professionals
  • Same data is used by private investigators, Fortune 1000 companies, and law enforcement
  • Investigate in any U.S. State, County, or City in North America.
  • Pulls from U.S., Canadian and Mexican public records
  • Accurate, private for you, and 100% legal
Name Search and Record Check will cover:
  • Locating virtually anyone, anywhere in the US and North America
  • Age
  • Address(es) & 30 year address history
  • Current and previous occupants
  • Change of address records
  • Phone
  • Aliases / maiden names
  • Criminal and civil records check
  • National criminal records
  • Sex offender check
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Associates
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Possible Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Real Property Ownership
  • Property records
  • Business records
  • Utility company records
  • Lawsuits
  • Judgments
  • Civil liens
  • Tax liens
  • Small claims
  • Identity Theft
  • FAA aircraft ownership and airmen
  • And moreā€¦
  • If available
Use our Name Search and Record Checks to:
  • Find relatives or people you've fallen out of touch with
  • Prevent uncertainties before entering into a business relationship
  • Check pre-employment and new hires.
  • Prevent workplace theft (most dishonest employee falsified their application)
  • Verify false or embellished pre-employment information
  • Make sure your new hires have the qualifications they claim
  • Avoid the cost of a lawsuit which could allege negligence
  • Locate assets
  • Verify property value
  • Uncover the hidden relationships between people and assets
  • Make sound life decisions for you, your family, and your home with this information
  • Nanny Background Search
  • Contractor Background Search
  • Protect your home value with property reports about the neighborhood and neighbors
  • Find criminal and civil background on your subject person
Conduct complete checks on:
  • Job or Position Candidates
  • Potential Business Partners
  • Potential Tenants
  • Credit and Insurance Applicants
  • Dates, fiances, spouses or "significant others"
  • Neighbors, friends, enemies
  • Virtually any U.S. citizen
3 Easy steps:
  • Enter name in search form
  • Search hits are displayed for free
  • Select person & info you need
{snippet peoplesearchLONGform}
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