Lisa’s Diary
Read about Lisa, who was away from home for five days.

10 things to ask yourself before you run away from home
Thinking about running away? See what kind of answers you come up with when you read this.

Ashley: Finding a Way Home
Is running the best answer? Find out what it's really like.

One March evening, Ashley called the National Runaway Switchboard from a pay phone. She ran away from home the day before and was upset and frustrated. Ashley stayed at a friend’s house the first night but left in the morning before the school bus came. She bought a train ticket for asfar as she could go with the money she had, saving only a few dollars. Finding herself in an unfamiliar place, she walked around town all day trying to avoid truant officers and anyone on the street including other kids. (Find out what happened.)

Surviving a break-up
Are your parents separated or divorced, or have you suffered the death of a parent or sibling?

Coping with a family break-up
Are your parents separated or divorced, or have you suffered the death of a parent or sibling?

Family Communication: Sharing Feelings
How many ways are there to communicate? Here are just a few to get you started.

Things to Do Instead of Running Away
Sometimes finding an outlet for your stress can help your situation.

Thoughts on friendship
Here's what we think makes a good friend:

You like spending time together. You can laugh, cry, play, study, talk about anything. Just being together is fun.

Your friend knows you and accepts you for who you are.

Your friend is your champion, your biggest supporter. Your friend builds you up, never tears you down. Even 'bad news' is delivered gentler, in a more caring way from a good friend.

You know it's okay to open up, share problems and fears, deepest secrets without fear of being hurt or betrayed.

When everyone else talks you down, a good friend will talk you up.

When a Friend Wants to Run Away
What do you do when it's your best friend who's in pain?

UCAN Discussion Guide

Print out this guide and this grade sheet and take them home to discuss how you feel about issues that matter with your parent or guardian.

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