For information on civil legal remedies for victims of crime or sex abuse, contact the following Web sites:

National Crime Victim Bar Association
The Association educates attorneys, victim service providers, and the general public about civil legal remedies for crime victims. It also refers crime victims to civil attorneys in their local area.

The National Crime Victim Bar Association provides Internet access to its Civil Justice Database which contains more than 11,000 annotated summaries of civil cases brought by crime victims.

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NCVLI is an educational institution dedicated to promoting a fair and balanced criminal justice system through legal education, legal scholarship, legal information resources, and legal advocacy. NCVLI’s attorney staff accomplishes this mission by filing amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in cases nationwide advocating for victims’ rights; providing legal technical assistance to attorneys who represent crime victims, and conducting trainings all across the country on victims’ rights for attorneys, law students and victim services providers.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice

This public interest law firm handles civil cases on behalf of victims. Cases involve several areas, including consumer protection and preservation of the civil justice system.