How to Do a Free Background Search

You can do a free Background Search, yourself.

If you are willing to do some research yourself, you can perform a Background Search on someone for free.  Your results will depend on the details:
What information do you want?
How much research are you willing to do?
How fast do you want it?

Do-it-Yourself Free Background Search Details

a)      One Detail is finding out your subject-persons lifetime travel history. He could have committed a crime anywhere he has ever been.

b)      2nd Detail is that you could miss important records if you miss any of the locations that your subject-person has been to.

c)      3rd Detail is the amount of work you must do to check every courthouse in those locations.

d)      4th Detail is cost. If the courthouse has digitized their records and published them on a website, then you can often review them for free. But if you must travel to the courthouse, that requires your time and travel costs. Finally, if you want a copy of the record, some courthouses provide free copies and some courthouses charge up to $1 per page.

e)      So a do-it-yourself Background Search may cost you a significant amount of money if you want to perform a complete Background Search.

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Criminal Background Search:

Criminal records are kept by the Clerk of Courts in each courthouse. We know there are 50 states, 3000 counties, and about 30,000 cities, towns, or townships in the United States. Every city, town, county, state, and the federal government may their own courthouses.  That is a lot of courthouses, and most of them do not share their information. However, you are allowed to review it because , it is all public information.
If you know where the subject person has lived and traveled, then you know which courthouse records to check.

Other Records:

You will probably want to check out some other records on you subject-person.
What do you want to know about?

Civil law suits
Tax liens
Corporate ownership
Property ownership
Professional licenses
Associates and Business Partners
Marriages and Divorces

Here, you have the same issues that you had with the Criminal Records. All of that information is public, and you can review it, but the information is not all in one place. You have to find out where it is, and you may have to go there.

Information Aggregators

Some companies on the Internet specialize in collecting all of this public information, putting it in their database, and making it available for instant access. For example, Illinois Youth Soccer ( has a Risk Management publication that refers to .  You can review some of this information for free and get the results immediately on the internet.

How to Do-It-Yourself  Background Search for Free:

Step #1 –  In Free Search Resources , you can find a list of the courthouses and  Criminal Record Offices of every city, county, and state in the USA, along with their website (as they reported to the U.S. government census).

Step #2.- Review the public records at the courthouse website, or go to the courthouse (if they do not have a website).  For a complete Background Search, be sure to search the records in every State, county, and city in which your subject-person lived or traveled.

Step #3 – In Free Search Resources , you can also find the Record Offices for Vital Records (Marriage, Divorce, Births, Deaths). Repeat step #2 for Vital Records and any other type of records that you need.

Sex Offenders:

You can find a list of convicted sex offenders, which is kept by the U.S. Government, here:

Purchasing a Background Search:

If you want to get a complete report, instantly, you can purchase a comprehensive Background Search from (or other information aggregators).  All Background Search companies have to cover their costs to gather all of the public information, put it in a database, keep it up to date every day about everyone, and make it available to you on the internet for instant access. So, every company (without exception) has to charge you something for a complete Background Search.


Illinois Youth Soccer - Risk Management
Federal Sex Offender Registry

 Easy Search Steps:

  1. Enter name in search form
  2. Search hits are displayed for free
  3. Select person(s) & info you need
Background Search & People Search
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