Where to Get a Background Search Free

So you have decided to forego hiring a professional service provider and decide to do the background search free on your own. Before initiating the process, make sure you have notified and obtained consent from the person you wish to conduct a background search free on. Here are several sources of free public records that can be utilized when performing background search free.


Conduct background search free through court records available online. Courts in most states maintain web sites where you can access their records for background search free. Some state do not provide detailed information and you have to conduct further background search free by making a personal appearance to respective courthouses.


Another source of background search free is the records held by the state prison system. Negative results of background search free could mean that the person concerned had not been convicted and served time in state correctional facilities or had been imprisoned in county jails. In which case, you need to visit county offices to cross-reference your background search free.


Though some counties respond to telephone queries, most require personal appearances before releasing any pertinent information for background search free.  If the person you are conducting background search free on has lived in a particular place all his or her life, then one county check will suffice. However, when the person concerned has been relocating from one place to another, you need to visit every locality to obtain comprehensive background search free.


Another form of public record available for background search free would be the sex offender registry. This is one type of background search free that should be done especially when the person concerned will spend considerable time with children, the aged, or is employed in health institutions.


As part of your background search free, you can check whether the social security number given by the person concerned is valid. There are some web sites offering to do this service online or you could visit the respective agency in order to complete your background search free.


With proper consent from the subject person, you could include driving history as part of the background search free. A visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles could yield driving history and information on whether the person concerned has serious driving offense, something vital in conducting background search free.


Other sources of background search free available are records of educational and professional history. When the person concerned has professed working for the government, you can include the state employee directory in your background search free. Most states also have professional licensing information and you can check license validity as part of background search free.


Of course, in conducting background search free, do not forget to verify whatever common facts given to you by the person concerned, like telephone numbers and references you can contact. If you are an employer and you purchase a Background Search from an information provider, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) not only mandates that you solicit the consent of the person you are conducting background search free on, but you also have to provide them with the information you gathered. However, when done within the rules of the FCRA, a background search free is a valuable tool for anyone who has justifiable reasons to do so.