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State and county government offices are excellent sources of information.  You may need to contact the Clerk of Courts in specific counties.

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(702) 687-5000
Criminal Records
Highway Patrol
Record and ID Services
555 Wright Way
Carson City NV 89711-0585

(775) 687-1600
(775) 687-1843 (fax)

Current Incarcerations
Driving Records
Department of Motor Vehicles
Records Section
555 Wright Way
Carson City NV 89711

(775) 784-4590
(no fax number provided)

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Vehicle Ownership Information
Department of Motor Vehicles
Records Section
555 Wright Way
Carson City NV 89711

(775) 684-4590
(no fax number provided)

Vital Statistics
(birth, death, marriage, divorce)
[marriage and divorce indexes only at state level]

Department of Health Vital Statistics Office 505 E. King St. Carson City NV 89701-4749
(775) 684-4242
(775) 684-4156 (fax)

Business/Corporate Records
Secretary of State Status Division 101 N. Carson Carson City NV 89701
(775) 684-5028
(775) 684-5725 (fax)

Workers Compensation Information
515 E. Musser St. Carson City NV 89714
(775) 886-1000UCCs and Tax Liens Secretary of State UCC Division 220 N Carson St. Carson City NV 89701-4201
(775) 684-5708
(775) 684-5630 (fax)

Techniques to access state and county records for civil or criminal cases.
Call the telephone numbers listed below (or visit the listed websites) to learn how to access the specific Background Search information you°re seeking. Public information may be accessible online or by phone, mail or in person.
It's always best to call before sending written inquiries in order to obtain exact addressing/ordering information.
Note: Government agencies are continually updating and expanding online access to their records; consequently, this page is continually updated and expanded. Check back for the latest information!
City-County Cross Index

Click here to access property records on-line.

Carson City (Independent City)
198 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701

(702) 887-2082
Churchill County 155 N. Taylor, Suite 110 Fallon, NV 89406
(702) 423-6028
Clark County 200 S. 3rd St. Recorder's Office Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 455-3156 ONLINE: Clark County Assessor

Clark County Civil, Criminal and Probate Records
Clark County Marriage Records
Clark County Property, UCCs and Vital Records
Fictitious Names

Douglas County
P.O. Box 218 Minden, NV 89423-0218
(702) 782-9026 ONLINE: Assessor
Douglas County Property

Elko County 571 Idaho St., Room 103 Elko, NV 89801
(702) 738-6526
Esmeralda County
P.O. Box 458 Goldfield, NV 89013-0458
(702) 485-6337
Eureka County
P.O. Box 556 Eureka, NV 89316-0556
(702) 237-5263
Humboldt County 50 W. 5th St., Room 207 Winnemucca, NV 89445
(702) 623-6343
Lander County 315 S. Humboldt St. Battle Mountain, NV 89820
(702) 635-5738

Lincoln County
P.O. Box 90 Pioche, NV 89043-0090
(702) 962-5390
Lyon County
P.O. Box 816 Yerington, NV 89447
(702) 463-6501
Mineral County Recorder
P.O. Box 1447 Hawthorne, NV 89415
(702) 945-3676
Nye County
P.O. Box 1031 Tonopah, NV 89049-1031
(702) 482-8127
Pershing County
P.O. Box 820 Lovelock, NV 89419-0820
(702) 273-2208
Storey County Drawer D Virginia City, NV 89440-0493
(702) 847-0967

Washoe County
P.O. Box 11130 Reno, NV 89520-0027
(702) 328-3661
White Pine County
P.O. Box 68 Ely, NV 89301-0068
(702) 289-4567

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