Optimal Results for a Wisconsin Background Search

If you have ever heard the phrase “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”, the same concept applies to a Wisconsin Background Search. Find out how to achieve optimal results.

Work for the Results of a Wisconsin Background Search

There is work involved to conduct a Wisconsin Background Search yourself. Making phone calls, sending emails, filling out requests for documents, faxing and driving to visit them in person will take effort on your part. If you want optimal results out of your Wisconsin Background Search, do your best to be thorough.tant.

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Preparation Brings Results for a Wisconsin Background Search

Get prepared in advance to get optimal results out of your Wisconsin Background Search. Start with gathering the person’s full name along with counties of residence and travel. Make sure you leave “no stone unturned” when it comes to contacting individual counties. Missing valuable information could make hinder optimal results Wisconsin Background Search.

Obtain Results for a Wisconsin Background Search

To help you obtain optimal results when performing a Wisconsin Background Search here is a list of government office and websites that will have the information you need.

Wisconsin’s official state website is at www.wisconsin.gov. You will find an index to the Wisconsin’s government agencies with contact information along with many other informative links.

Find the Attorney General’s office at www.doj.state.wi.us. From here, you can search their Crime Information Bureau. The fees for this service are $13 for a record search, $18 if you fax or mail the request and an additional $2.50 if it is a “caregiver” or “daycare” type record search, which is more in depth. If you are doing a pre-employment Wisconsin Background Search for one of those job positions or similar this would be the better option.

Wisconsin’s Office of the Governor is here www.wisgov.state.wi.us. Find informative links to government offices that will help you get the documents you need for a Wisconsin Background Search.

Obtain a driving record through the Department of Transportation at www.dot.wisconsin.gov. The will charge $5 per abstract driving record search. If they turn up nothing in a search they send this, “No record found” and the $5 search fee still applies.

The vital records office has a website at www.dhfs.wisconsin.gov/vitalrecords and you will find it helpful in obtaining records of marriage, divorce, death, and birth. The cost of records is $20 per copy and if you would like to expedite service that will be an additional $20 fee.

If you are looking for family history, check out the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society at www.wisconsinhistory.org/libraryarchives.

If you are searching UCC’s and Wisconsin Tax Liens then www.wdfi.org is the place to request a certificate of status. The fee for this copy is $10.

Expedite Results of a Wisconsin Background Search

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