5 Essential Tips of a Utah Background Search


Performing a Utah Background Search may seem a little overwhelming on your own but it can be much easier if you know the essential tips to completing it.

Time Required for a Utah Background Search

It could take weeks to perform a Utah Background Search on your own. The reason is simply that you will have to conduct a county-to-county search and contact various government offices. There are some documents available online but mailing is required for some of those. There is usually an expedited service charge to speed up the processing time of records, if your budget allows, this would speed up the process.


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Prepare to Perform a Utah Background Search

Starting out you will need to know how much time you have to allow for records, some information on the person and your budget. If your Utah Background Search is for a new hire or you happen to be checking up on a date before you go out on Saturday night, this might not be the fastest option. However, if time allows and the budget is set aside for record fees, the next thing you need is some information on the person.

To start you need their full name, address and birth date for most documents, to ensure you are gathering the information on the correct person. Other information that you might need is counties of residence and travel, social security number and more.

Government Offices that Have Information for a Utah Background Search

Here we will compile a list of websites and offices that can be of help when attaining records for your Utah Background Search.

The official website for the state of Utah found at http://www.utah.gov/ has many links to local and state government offices that you will want to contact to complete your Utah Background Search.

The Attorney General’s office for the state of Utah is at http://attorneygeneral.utah.gov. 

Look up Utah driving records at https://secure.utah.gov/dhr/index.html.

Department of Public Safety division is located at http://driverlicense.utah.gov.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is at http://dmv.utah.gov. This is where to find motor vehicle records.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification is the office that you can attain criminal records located at http://bci.utah.gov.

Find the Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Records at http://health.utah.gov/vitalrecords.  Find marriage, birth, and divorce records through the county level government offices. Keep in mind that they will have their own fee schedule.

Cost of a Utah Background Search

The cost of doing a Utah Background Search yourself is a little vague to determine. It will depend on how in depth you would like to get for your Utah Background Search.

An example of the cost, obtaining a birth record will cost $15 for a copy. Get expedited (same day) service cost and additional $10 unless you pay with a credit card. Then the fee would go up to $15.50 for the expedited service.

You can contact the multiple offices to find out how much the individual records are that you want in your Background Search.

Cost Effective Alternative to Doing a Utah Background Search Yourself

It is more cost effective to save yourself time and the individual office fees for documents if you use BackgroundSearch.com for your Utah Background Search . You know before you begin what the fee is and that you will not wait weeks for your records. In fact, you will have the results instantly.

Get an accurate, comprehensive report without the worry of missing important information from your Utah Background Search with BackgroundSearch.com.


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