4 Little Known Facts about a Pennsylvania Background Search


Pennsylvania is a more restrictive state than most when it comes to public records. Running a Pennsylvania Background Search will be much easier if you have some little known facts.

Right to Public Records for a Pennsylvania Background Search

The Federal Government believes you have the right to public documents for a Pennsylvania Background Search. They passed the Freedom of Information Legislation to ensure that open records are accessible to you. In accordance with this legislation, Pennsylvania has an official website with links to local and state offices to help you find the information you seek at http://www.state.pa.us/.

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What you can find out with a Pennsylvania Background Search

By going to the Department of Health for Pennsylvania on the web at http://www.dsf.health.state.pa.us/health/site/default.asp  you can find out how to attain birth and death records for $10 per copy for your Pennsylvania Background Search.

For marriage and divorce, documents you will need to contact the individual counties of residence and travel for the person you are performing a Pennsylvania Background Search. They provide an address and phone list for each Pennsylvania county clerk of court. Each individual county will have their own fees for vital documents you need to perform a Pennsylvania Background Search.

Find out criminal history including sex offenders for your Pennsylvania Background Search. The Pennsylvania State Police website at http://www.psp.state.pa.us/psp/site/default.asp has downloadable criminal history request form online. Once you fill this form, you will need to submit it with a money order or certified check for $10 and mail the request to their office.

Find driving records and vehicle ownership through the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles at http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/. They offer certified driving records for $10.

You can access federal tax lien information through the Department of State UCC Division at http://www.dos.state.pa.us. Collect county tax lien information by contacting the individual county government offices of the lien. The state department Corporation Bureau can help you find business and corporate records you may need to complete your Pennsylvania Background Search.

Why You Want to Perform a Pennsylvania Background Search

There are many reasons to perform a Pennsylvania Background Search. The government has made it mandatory for many jobs to perform these checks before they can be employed but you may want to consider reasons to run your own Background Search.

You can conduct a Pennsylvania Background Search to uncover hidden relationships between people and assets, verify property value, protect assets by checking potential business partners, and even protect your own family by checking caretakers, nannies or babysitters.

Public information is readily available to help protect your assets and family. What better reason could you need?

How to Save with an Instant Pennsylvania Background Search

You can save time and money with an instant Pennsylvania Background Search from BackgroundSearch.com. Take advantage of the online convenience to find out current phone numbers, address history for the last 30 years, criminal background, property ownership, sex offenders, bankruptcy, terrorist watch And more, if available.

BackgroundSearch.com offers you access to a comprehensive, accurate Pennsylvania Background Search for one nominal fee. Put it to work for you in an instant.


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