FAQs About Getting A Nevada Background Search


Before you try to obtain a Nevada Background Search, be prepared to set aside a fair amount of time, as it can be a rather long process if you intend to gather all the information yourself. Here is a FAQ to help you along the way.

What Preparation is done for a Nevada Background Search?

Gather some  information about the person on whom you want to obtain a Nevada Background Search. You will need to gather things such as the person’s full name, birth date, cities and counties they have resided or traveled. If you want your Nevada Background Search to be complete, make sure this information is accurate.

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How are Documents for a Nevada Background Search Obtained?

Government offices will charge for copying public documents that you will need for a Nevada Background Search. Some forms are viewable online but downloading the results could still cost a “reasonable” fee.

Here is an example of the requirements and cost of finding just marriage certificates, marriage applications, or divorce records for an individual through the County Recorder’s Office for your Nevada Background Search.

You will need is to know the full names of the parties, county where the license was purchased or where the divorce was granted. There is an online form found on the official Nevada state website to print this form at www.state.nv.us. Fill the form out completely. Mail the form to the appropriate county office. They will offer you the list of all counties on the website with addresses and phone numbers on this form.

The cost of Marriage a certificate is $10 per copy, a marriage application is $4 per copy and a divorce decree is up to the county who granted it.

You will need to contact the county government office for specific cost of other forms for your Nevada Background Search.

Where Do I Start a Nevada Background Search

A good place to start is with the Attorney General’s Office, which is located on the web at www.ag.state.nv.us. This site lists all the state department and agencies for you, along with a government office directory.

The next step would be to go to the Nevada state website located at www.state.nv.us. They have a lot of information in this site such as business licenses, a link to the Nevada Criminal Information System, an inmate search, an online phone directory, and a clickable map by counties for the state. This will help if you know the counties to search for your Nevada Background Search.

Where else do I find Documents for Nevada Background Search?

Find out if they have tax liens by contacting the Department of Taxation and county assessors and treasurers at https://tax.nv.gov/. You will need to know the correct counties. Each individual office will have individual policies on the ways you can attain vital documents such as online, in person, web or fax.

Another helpful site if you are looking for a sex offenders list is located at http://www.nvsexoffenders.gov/.

What is an Instant Nevada Background Search?

There is an easier way to do a Nevada Background Search. BackgroundSearch is located on the web at BackgroundSearch.com and offers comprehensive up-to-date information for a complete Background Search.

Information included in a Nevada Background Search includes things like tax liens, identity of relatives, address history for 30 years, household members, associates, bankruptcy, property ownership And more, if available. When performing your Nevada Background Search, if you would like to get more a more complete report in an instant this would be invaluable.


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