5 Main Points to a Michigan Background Search

We live in an age where it is important to know who we are doing business, hiring or have close to us in our lives. You need the focal points of a Michigan Background Search to save time and money through the process.

Know How Much Time you have to Complete a Michigan Background Search

Time is going to be one point you will need to pay attention to if you are on a schedule. A Michigan Background Search will take a little time. You have to contact the different government offices by email, fax, phone, mail or in-person if you live close enough to do so. Their staff will need time to gather information, copy records and send them back to you.

Keep in mind through the process they normally do not have the budget to hire a dedicated staff to finding records to help complete your Michigan Background Search. The smaller county offices especially may need a little time. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks to get records returned. For example, a driving record requested through the Secretary of State takes up to 6-8 weeks to receive. If you are on a short time schedule, inquire about expedited services to complete your Michigan Background Search.

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Remember to Prepare for a Michigan Background Search

Prepare yourself for a Michigan Background Search by gathering information that you will need to obtain important records and past information. Starting with the person’s full name and address will get you started. From that point on, it will vary depending on the information you need to verify or attain.

To get records such as driving, criminal, marriage, birth, death or divorce you may need other information. Some of the things you will need are date of birth, social security number, age, driver’s license number, and you may need a notarized paper signed to get records released to you.

Find out what counties in the state they have visited or been through as they could hold valuable records and information for your Michigan Background Search.

Government Offices Hold Records for your Michigan Background Search

Begin your search with the official state of Michigan portal on the web at www.michigan.gov. There is a list of government agencies to help you attain information for a complete Michigan Background Search including the state’s sex offender registry.


There are Costs of a Michigan Background Search

There are different costs to consider when performing a Michigan Background Search including fees for searches, documents and expedite services if you are on a time crunch and they are available. The following will give you an example of these fees.

A criminal records search through the Michigan State Police will cost $10 per search. From here, you can also perform a traffic crash search for a $10 fee to complete your Michigan Background Search.

You Can Save Time and Money on a Michigan Background Search

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One nominal fee gets you everything from ancestry archives, court records, arrest records, family history and more. Save your time and money by using BackgroundSearch.com for your next Michigan Background Search.


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