4 Cost-Effective Ways to Do a Maine Background Search

Today’s informational highway offers you many options to perform a Maine Background Search yourself. The best thing to do is find out the most cost-effective way to perform this check especially if you are on a budget.

Effort Saves Money for a Maine Background Search

Putting a little effort into a Maine Background Search can save you money. Calling, emailing, faxing, mailing and visiting government offices in-person takes some effort but you can attain all the records you need to complete a Maine Background Search accurately.

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Preparation Saves Money for a Maine Background Search

If you want to save money on your Maine Background Search, you need to do some preparation before you begin. Every government office and county that the person has been to holds potential information. Therefore, if you are running a Maine Background Search on a potential business partner and miss that they committed a crime in a county you did not check it could cost you and your business money.

You will need the person’s full name and address to begin gathering information to complete your Maine Background Search. In addition, you may need other information for other reports such as tax liens, business license, marriage records and driving records. This could include but not limited to maiden name, date of event, social security number and notarized release of a copy of their records.

Knowing How to Attain Records Saves Money for a Maine Background Search

The state website for Maine is at www.maine.gov. From this site, you can link off to many sites such as the following.

You will find a link to all cities and counties in Maine. This is the place to find all contact information for individual counties you may need to contact to have an accurate Maine Background Search.

The Attorney General’s office has many helpful links to acquire information for your Maine Background Search including links to multiple government offices that may have records you need. Their website is at www.maine.gov/ag

The official Maine site also has a link to Maine’s sex offender registry where you can verify that a child or long-term care client is not in the hands of the wrong type of person.

They also link you to the Maine State Police site to find criminal history records. There is a $25 fee to attain criminal records to complete your Maine Background Search.  There can also be up to a 2-week delay in receiving records.

If you need driving records go to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles at www.maine.gov/sos/bmv. They offer a non-refundable and uncertified copy of driving records online. A 3-year record cost $7 and a 10-year record cost $12.

BackgroundSearch.com Saves Money for a Maine Background Search

Cut out the legwork of contacting multiple government offices in different counties for your Maine Background Search . Now BackgroundSearch.com offers the ability to locate virtually anyone in the United States. With one nominal fee, you can collect a 30-year address history, aliases, associated, vital records, criminal records, federal court dockets And more, if available.

Turn many stops into one stop with and instant Maine Background Search from BackgroundSearch.com and save yourself money.


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