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You want to obtain a California Background Search on your own. You can do it if you know these tips.

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Allow yourself some time and effort to prepare a thorough California Background Search. Keep in mind you are dealing with busy government offices. Most generally then do not have a dedicated staff for pulling public records. They are only working with current staff. This can cause delays after contacting them to allow time for them to locate copy and send record to you.

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For instance, in the state of California the processing time for vital records are as follows. Birth records take 12 weeks, marriage and divorce records may take 2 to 3 years. When the volume is high, this process can take a bit longer.

Important Preparation for a California Background Search

For a California Background Search, you will need to start with the person’s full name and address. You may also need maiden name, previous counties of residence and travel, as well as social security numbers.

Contacting multiple counties will be required for a California Background Search on anyone who has ever left their original county. Find out how each office prefers to be contacted for records by calling, emailing or in person beforehand.

How to Obtain Public Records for a California Background Search

California has an official state website at www.ca.gov . From this site, you can find links to the California Department of Public Health. This government holds vital records you will need for your California Background Search.

If you do not have authorization to certified records, the state of California will send an “informational copy” of the vital record of your request. The information is the same but it is not a legal document.

The Attorney General’s office is another great resource for obtaining information for your California Background Search. They are located on the web at www.ag.ca.gov .

You can search sex offenders for the state of California at www.meganslaw.ca.gov . This site is a great resource to verify that whomever you are running a California Background Search on has not been registered. This would be especially important in nanny or daycare pre-employment checks.

A California Background Search often needs driving records. You can find these through the California Department of motor vehicles at www.dmv.ca.gov .

Budget for a California Background Search

There will be fees for performing any California Background Search. When making the budget for your California Background Search make sure to include all possible fees. Here are some examples of fees. The cost for certified public documents of birth is $14, marriage and divorce documents are $13.

Time Savings of an Instant California Background Search

There is a time saving solution to a California Background Search . By using BackgroundSearch.com, you can search billions public records with the click of aBAD WORDon. Getting your California Background Search has never been easier.

Find long lost relatives or friends, check out a potential business partner, run pre-employment and new hire checks. You can help protect yourself and your assets with a complete California Background Search from BackgroundSearch.com.


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