Top 6 FAQs About A People Search

How Does A People Search Work?

A people search is a search through the public record databases to locate information related to the subject of the search. This may include going through each individual public database for every single area the subject has ever lived, worked, or visited. When matches to the search criteria are found, they are given as a result. A thorough people search will include verifying results to ensure that they are truly matches to the person who is the subject.

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What Databases Does A People Search Go Through?

There are several public record databases that should always be checked during a people search. Missing a database can mean missing relevant information, so each one should be checked to keep your risks low and give you all of the background information.

  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Arrest Records
  • Conviction Records
  • Property Records
  • Court Records
  • Driving Records
  • Vital Statistic Records





What Are The Most Common Reasons A People Search Is Done?

A people search is done by a large number of people every day, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the search is to locate a friend or relative, other times it may be to collect a debt. Below is a list of the most common reasons a people search is  done by Americans.

  • Locate A Lost Friend
  • Find Relatives And Family Members Who Have Moved Away
  • Trace Your History And Family Tree
  • Locate Someone Who Owes You A Debt
  • Check The Criminal Background Of An Applicant Or Prospective Tenant
  • Know The True Facts About A Person To Keep Your Risks Low

Are There Drawbacks To A People Search?

There are many benefits to a  people search, but there is one drawback. All relevant public record databases must be searched for your people search to be accurate and complete. If even one result is missed then your risks may be higher than you know. Searching all these databases individually requires a lot of time and energy, but skipping databases could leave you without all the information you need.

What Information Is Needed To Do A People Search?

You can start the People Search with just the person's name. Put their name into the Easy Search Form and you will get a list of likely candidates. From there, you can pick the exact person you seek. 

If you are still cannot find the exact person you are seeking, the it helps to gather as much information as you can about the subject person before you start. The more you know the more prepared you are, and the more accurate your people search results will be. There are some common things that will help you narrow your search and make it more effective, without false results.

  • Full name, including middle name
  • Birth date
  • Social security number
  • Current address and any known previous addresses
  • Current employment and any previous employers
  • Any other names ever used

How Can An Information Aggregator Help With A People Search?

An information aggregator, like can help with your people search by making it much easier and more convenient. These businesses maintain a private database with records from many different public record databases, so that only one search is needed, instead of many. Results are received much faster, because only one database is searched so there is significantly less time and effort involved.


Easy Background Search Steps:

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3. Select person(s) & info you need

Background Search & People Search
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