Employment Screening Background Search

– 5 Good Reasons to Conduct One

Depending on the type of business you own and the state you are in,

employment screening Background Searchs may or may not be required by law.

For instance, there are several types of businesses for which federal law mandates employment screening Background Searchs on all employees and volunteers. If you need to know why you should perform an employment screening Background Search before making a new hire, here are the most common instances in today’s business world.

  1. Your business involves working with children, the elderly, or the disabled -- Because the federal government wants to ensure that the people served are safe from harm, it has made

employment screening Background Searchs compulsory for employees or volunteers

working with several categories of vulnerable persons. At the same time, if you own such a business or organization, employment screening Background Searchs will safeguard you against potential lawsuits for negligence.

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2. Your business involves any type of driving -- If you prospective employee will be  driving for the business, then it is likely that your insurance company will ask for an employment screening Background Search on that candidate.

The employment screening Background Search will contain up-to-date information

concerning the applicant’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records. This report will detail all moving violations or accidents and can assist the employer in making an informed decision regarding the candidate.

 3. Employment screening Background Searchs comprise varied information.

Depending on the position involved, the employer can decide which type of information is actually needed in the employment screening Background Search. For example, if the job description requires cash or sensitive info handling, a through criminal record employment screening Background Search will be needed. Other positions may not be so delicate in nature, but could require a high degree of experience or education in the field. Again, employment screening Background Searchs will help you determine if the applicant indeed has the right qualifications.

 4. More than 30% of applicants falsify their applications. Employment screening Background Searchs are excellent methods to screen those candidates who lie on their resumes.

An employment screening Background Search will reveal

if an applicant has been up-front and honest about their background, thus helping you making a solid decision about your new hire.

5. Employment screening Background Searchs are easy to perform.

Because we live in an information age, employment screening Background Searchs are not difficult to conduct. Basically, an employer who wants to administer an employment screening Background Search needs to understand the Fair Credit Report Act, as well as any similar law pertaining to their individual state. Then, they can choose to perform the employment screening Background Search on their own or by using the services of professional companies such as www.BackgroundSearch.com, which specialize in accumulating publicly available records from all 50 states and offer instant results.

 Given all these reasons and the easiness of conducting employment screening Background Searchs, it would be a pity not to take advantage of this method during the hiring process in your company.

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