Employment Criminal Background Search

 5 Reasons to Perform One

As an employer, it is perfectly understandable that you want to

carry an employment criminal Background Search

because you need to know as much as possible about a potential employee. A combination of employment criminal Background Search investigations, personal references and employment applications can give you a sense of peace when entrusting a person with job responsibilities within your company. But which are the main reasons why you should conduct an employment criminal Background Search? Read on to find out.

1. As much as 40% of all applications or resumes contain some type of misleading information or downright fabrications. It is thus crucial for employers not to rely on the application file alone and instead choose to verify the information provided by their candidates by running an employment criminal Background Search.

Conducting such an employment criminal Background Search

will not only reveal any falsifications in their applications, but it will help you make an informed decision about your new hire.


2. Your prospective employee will handle sensitive information. To some degree, all businesses require their employees to deal with a certain amount of sensitive materials. We all have heard stories about company secrets stolen by employees with a criminal background of which their employer was unaware.

An employment criminal Background Search will help you

decide among the most suitable candidates for the position.

 3. Your potential employee will work with children, seniors, or the disabled. Businesses or non-profits dealing with seniors and/or children are

obligated by law to perform an employment criminal Background Search

of their employees. According to federal and state laws, employment criminal Background Searchs are compulsory for those employees or volunteers who are working with seniors, children or the disabled. Additionally, if the employee will have access to drugs, their employment criminal Background Search must show that they are clean from any drug abuse charges.

4. Your candidate will handle cash transactions or retail business. To reduce the occurrence of employee theft, it is

recommended that you carry an employment criminal Background Search,

since this verification will allow you to be sure that potential employees are clean from theft charges. A thorough employment criminal Background Search performed by the employer is vital for the security and safety of their business, as well as of those served.

 5. Implementing an employment criminal Background Search

will significantly reduce the likelihood of financial loss in your company. By weeding out prospective candidates who have criminal convictions, an employment criminal Background Search will help you reduce potential lawsuits costs. In fact, in order to limit the incidence of negligence lawsuits, employers should make employment criminal Background Searchs a standard pre-employment screening tool.

Depending on your interest and the specific job function of your candidate, there are

several methods to perform an employment criminal Background Search

and inquire about the background of a subject. In order to get accurate employment criminal Background Searchs, your company can use professional online services such as BackgroundSearch.com, which specializes in accumulating publicly available records from all over the United States. 

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