Q and A On A Background Search Review


What Is A Background Search Review?


A background search review is the process of reviewing the background information that is publicly available in numerous public record databases. This process can be very quick or drawn out, depending on how you search these databases. When doing a background search review it is important that you have enough information to correctly identify the right records for the subject, so the more information you can find the more effective your search will be. Things like their full name, birth date, social security number, past addresses, other locations lived, can help you narrow down the number of people that fit your search criteria, and give you more comprehensive results from the background search review.


Who Can Do A Background Search Review?


Anyone can perform a background search review on anyone else, or on themselves. Many people check out their prospective employees, tenants, and domestic help, and even potential dates and spouses are being researched because of the risks that you may unknowingly trust a dangerous person. You can do a background search review  quickly and easily with the help of an information aggregator and you will be getting results in no time.


However, there are two situations where you should get written permission from the subject-person before you purchase a background search on them.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that employers and landlords get written permission from the job applicants or tenants before purchasing a background search review.



What Information Can I Find With A Background Search Review?


A background search review can give you facts about any crimes committed, places lived and worked, court cases the subject was involved in, the financial status of the subject, and much more. Information that is publicly available from a background search review can cover almost all aspects of our lives, and finding this information can give you an idea of who you are really dealing with, so that you can keep your risks low.


What Databases Should Be Searched For A Background Search Review?


There are several different databases that should always be searched during a background search review to ensure no pertinent information is missed. If a record is missed then the review is not complete and you can be facing risks that are higher than you know. These should always include:


l        Sex Offenders Registry

l        Driving Records

l        Court Records

l        Property Records

l        Arrest Records

l        Conviction Records

l        Vital Statistics Records


When Should I Perform A Background Search Review?


A background search review should be done any time there is a person you do not know extremely well who will be around you, your family, employees, your business, any property you own, or anyone or anything else that you care about. A background search review can help you become aware of any detrimental information about past activity by the subject, information that many people do not disclose because it reflects badly on them. This should include anyone who fits the list below.


ü        A prospective tenant

ü        A prospective employee

ü        Caregiver for a child

ü        Caregiver for an elder relative

ü        Possible date

ü        Prospective spouse

ü        Neighbor in your neighborhood

ü        Business partner

ü        Business associate

ü        New client or customer

ü        Nanny

ü        Gardener

ü        Domestic employees

ü        A new friend

ü        Any one who will ever be around friends or family members